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Konstantin's personally developed I.C.E. Method offers private and small group lessons for those who wish to experience the power of one-on-one instruction. Under the watchful eye of Konstantin himself, each student's strengths and weaknesses will be brought to light and developed. This additional attention and customized training will accelerate your progress and take your game to the next level!


Often a fresh set of eyes can uncover a completely new, unrealized level of play for goalies. Konstantin's Performance Evaluations are utilized by both Coaches and Goalies to provide a detailed, written evaluation of a scheduled game, practice or scrimmage. Immediately following the ice time, Konstantin will also provide verbal feedback and outline a course of action for realistic gains. 


Net Minders can improve their game tremendously with off-ice conditioning. Many coaches fail to recognize that almost every move can be imitated off ice that are utilized on the ice. With limited ice availability and our client's desire for cost effective training, Konstantin's Dry Land Conditioning offers goalies the ability to continue their development long after they leave the rink.



Konstantin’s drive and attention to detail with his students is unprecedented. If you’re looking for excellence that leads to real results, look no further!
— Greg (Rockwall, TX)
Konstantin has been working with my son for 2 years. He is an excellent coach and mentor who provides quality technical training. He has motivated my son to work hard, stay focused and excel.
— Edie (Dallas, TX)
Thank you for making me the best I can be. Thank you for helping me be in the Top 5 for every goalie standing! I owe it to you.
— Justic ("Rock") Bich
Coach Konstantin has been working with Trace for 3 years now. Trace was very athletic but not technically prepared for goalie. In 3 years going to coach, Trace has progressed to be one of the youngest goalies in junior hockey. We currently have 5 universities talking to us. Trace said coach has always pushed him to be the best and that a lesson with coach is not only a great learning experience, but one of the best cardio workouts he has ever done. Trace could not be where he is today if it had not been from the guidance from coach Konstantin
— Jeff (Allen, TX)
Coach Konstantin brings a depth of hockey and goaltending experience to every season. But more importantly, he has a way of connecting with his students that makes them want to learn, to focus and improve session after session... impressive and unexpected.
— Jamie (Dallas, TX)
Konstantin has worked with my son Cole for several years, the results have been the same from the start; consistent, noticable progress each season. Not only do we count on coach K for personal lessons but in my capacity as president of Mansfield Hockey we have hired Konstantin to work with all Mansfield goalies. I highly recommend Konstantin for your netminder.
— Matt (Mansfield Hockey Association)

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